Trust is Good ... NES - TUV is Much Better

  • Certification represents assurance by an independent accredited body of conformity to specific requirements. It covers products, services, people and systems.

  • We are a leading provider of  the certification to  ISO 9001 “ quality management  “, ISO 14001 “environmental management “, OHSAS `18001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management “  and ISO 22000 “Food Safety Management “ systems  as well as others specific to industry sectors   .

  • NES – TUV  provides a range of auditing services to support businesses in quality, environment, health & safety and social compliance. These audits can form part of certification requirements, or be carried out independently to support specific business needs, for example customized audit solutions.  

  • Experienced NES – TUV auditors can confirm compliance with national or international standards, they can also identify ways to assess product quality, or improve performance and increase efficiency.

  • NES can help clients gain the necessary certification they need to trade in target markets, giving all parties the assurance they need.

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