Brief description

IFS Food is a private standard for certification of food safety and quality. It is managed by IFS Management GmbH and has been developed by the German Retail Federation (Handelverband Deutschland – HDE) and the French Retail Federation (FCD), with the participation of the Italian federations (CONAD, COOP).
IFS Food can be applied by companies that process food or companies that pack loose food products. It is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Detailed Description

IFS Food is an internationally recognized food quality and safety standard. The fundamental goals of IFS Food and the other IFS standards are:
  1. To establish a common standard with a uniform evaluation system
  2. To work with accredited Certification Bodies and approved IFS auditors.
  3. To ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.
  4. To reduce costs and time for both suppliers and retailers.

It includes requirements for:

  1. Senior management responsibility
  2. Quality and food safety management system (HACCP system based on Codex Alimentarius).
  3. Resource management.
  4. Planning and production process.
  5. Measurements, analysis, improvements.
  6. Food Defense and external audits.
The audit protocol also enumerates the procedures that must be maintained by companies that are audited.

What is the certification procedure?

The initial IFS Logistics audit is carried out on a date and time agreed upon by the business and the certification body. During this audit, the whole company is audited with regard to its documentation and the procedures themselves.
Certification is valid for one year, and the date of the renewal audit is set one year from the initial audit date, and not from the date of certification.

What is the application field of the standard?

IFS Food certification is for companies that produce, process and/or package food or ingredients used in the production of food and is applied at all stages of food processing after primary production.

What are the benefits of certification?

IFS Food certification can offer a number of key benefits to companies that export their products, produce private-label products or supply supermarkets, and can lend added value to an organization, as it:
  1. Ensures the confidence of customers, consumers and other interested parties in an organization’s ability to consistently provide safe food
  2. Ensures client confidence that the product provided satisfies the mutually agreed requirements as well as the applicable legal and regulatory provisions on food safety.
  3. Creates a competitive advantage for concluding new collaboration agreements with large retailer chains.

How to Apply?

For Gap analysis and Certification services. to get started please fill the application and send on: info@neservices.co