Carbon Footprint :

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges that our world faces. NES-EUROCERT Support the 17 sustainable development goals of the united-nations. We supply numerous services that enable the defined goals to be achieved.
We already support our customers by helping them to integrate aspects of sustainability into their companies, production processes and supply chains.

NES provides and develops the carbon management system services including complete carbon foot-print for direct and indirect emissions of GHGs

Our sustainability standards enrich you with the knowledge of how to be competitive-environmentally-proactive and socially responsible


We offer verification services for the following GHG-related reporting:
  • Company Level Reporting: Corporate Carbon Footprints according to ISO 14064-1, if required in combination with GHG Protocol
  • Product Level Reporting: Product Carbon Footprints according to ISO 14067, if required in combination with ISO 14040/44 and/or GHG Protocol
  • EPD: The declaration of the life cycle environmental impact of a product

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