Our network of experts look at all aspects of trade activity to assess the associated risks, offering impartial, objective advice and assistance. Cargo and truck at harbour Trade services from NES because trade is built on trust. NES has historically served traders since its inception. For both trading parties to feel fulfilled in their side of the deal, the key component is trust. Trust that the product is what it is supposed to be (whether commodities, industrial goods, consumer goods, but also financial papers, bonds, loans, and so on). NEWS is the neutral and independent provider of all the information that helps build trust between trade partners. We certify that products are in compliance with laws, regulations, rules, standards, import/export requirements, safety regulations, chemical composition, durability, environmental impact, for example.

Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts Consultation?

We Inspect, Test & Verify

We inspect, test and verify that the commodities bought at one side of the planet from another side of the planet are of the specified quality, in the specified quantity.

We provide the independent control and assurance which allows banks and the finance world to provide loans and letters of credit to those who trade, by independently assessing and assuring that the traded goods are indeed what the parties expect them to be, in the specified quantity.
NES is a leading training, testing, inspection, certification and verification company, with experience, expertise and a global reach. Whatever your specific interest in trading, contact us today to find out how our comprehensive range of services could be helping you.