Testing Services

New testing facility Suez – Adabiya NES – Near East Services had established of its new testing facility which is the first independent third party laboratory serving all our clients at the area of Adabiya – Suez and its surrounding. The facility equipped with the best equipment available in the international markets to date. In order to insure smooth and effective operations at all times. NES is of course applying ” the nest of the art ” in regards to business technologies and organizational management structures. The new facilities located at Suez – Adabiya, is owned and management by NES. The laboratory is specialized in the analysis of all liquid chmical / petrochemical products, oil and petroleum oils ( according to international standard methods ) for the following items :

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Additionally, for the client`s best interest, NEWS has a highly technological network laboratory for Solid Mineral products located in Cairo. NES is always looking to satisfy it`s clients and for this reason it has an extensive range of activities for all Mineral and Agriculture products through inspection. Nes guarantees to offer top quality services by highly and trained staff.
NEWS is always keen on committing to offer high standard services in order to insure client satisfaction.