NES provides BRCGS Certification Services through AIB International Certification Body, The BRCGS Certification provide a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality, quality, and the operational controls in the food, food ingredient, manufacturing, processing and packaging industries.

Validity of BRCGS Certificate

BRCGS certificate is valid for a maximum of 1 year. At the end of this period, the certification body will conduct a reassessment to reissue the same certificate as the first audit.

What are the BRCGS Certificate benefits?

The benefits of BRCGS certification include the following:
  • Increase of business market opportunities as an internationally recognized standard
  • Adopt a continuous improvement approach, allowing your business to meet ongoing compliance demands.
  • Adopt emphasis on Food Safety Culture, Food Fraud and Food Defense which provides you with tools to safeguard your business.
  • Protects your brand and your customers
  • Allows you to do business with those retailers, manufacturers, ingredients companies and food service organizations who specify certification as part of their approval process
  • Helps reduce the number of product recalls, customer complaints and rejected products
  • Audits are carried out by trained and experienced certification bodies working to BRCGS Global Standards

Types of BRCGS Certificates NES-AIBI offers:

BRCGS for Food Safety

BRCGS is a global standard for food safety established by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) in 1998, suitable for quality control and food safety. The latest version of BRC is the 9th version. BRC is among the few standards globally recognized by GFSI (The Global Food Safety Initiative) along with FSSC 22000, IFS, SQF, GLOBALG. A.P, BAP. Many countries in the world are now required to apply and obtain certification according to BRC standards in order for goods and foods to enter their markets.

BRCGS for Packaging Materials

The Standard sets out the requirements for the manufacture of packaging materials that are used in the production of, and filling operations for, food, hygiene-sensitive consumer products (including cosmetics), raw materials, and other consumer products. The standard is based on a Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) supported by management system elements and requirements for site standards.

BRCGS for Storage and Distribution

The Standard has been developed to cover all activities which may affect the safety, quality and legality of the products stored and distributed, and of additional contracted services provided by storage and distribution companies.The standard is based on HACCP principles supported by management system elements and requirements for site and transport standards.

How to Apply?

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