Brief description

ISO 37001 aims to help an organization implement an effective anti-bribery management system. It provides organizations with guidance on implementing anti-bribery measures, depending on the type and size of the organization, and the nature and extent of the bribery risk the organization faces.

Detailed Description

Certification and implementation of ISO 37001 does not eliminate the risk of bribery, but it is certainly a major step in combating it.

Some of the main points the standard focuses on are:

  • Application of the appropriate vetting of the organization’s personnel, with the aim of compliance with the anti-bribery policy and the ABMS.
  • Training of personnel in accordance with the anti-bribery policy and the ABMS.
  • Application of appropriate security fail-safes for reducing the risk of bribery.
  • Implementation of the appropriate measures for auditing procurements, commercial and other non-financial transactions in order to reduce the risk of bribery.
  • Controls of gifts, hospitality, donations and other benefits, with the aim of averting their use for bribery purposes.
  • Following the ANNEX SL structure, ISO 37001 can be combined during application or certification with other standards that follow the same structure, such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 27001.

Who Is it Addressed To?

The standard is applicable to small, medium-sized and large public, private and volunteer organizations.

What are the benefits of certification?

ISO 37001 application and certification adds value to an organization through:
    1. Ensuring for stakeholders, management, employees and business associates that the organization takes measures to prevent bribery.
    2. Adding value to an organization’s reputation
    3. Ensuring documentation within an organization in case of an investigation of a bribery case.
    4. The existence of an independently certified ISO 37001 system proves to a public prosecutor or judge that the organization has taken steps and implemented the appropriate procedures for preventing

How to Apply?

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