CQI&IRCA OH&S MS45001:2018 Auditor / Lead Auditor Course.

Course Description :

Our OHMS Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course teaches the fundamental auditing principles and practices, in conformance with national and international accepted norms and regulations relating to OH&S requirements.
This course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third-party audits of occupational health and safety management systems against ISO 45001, in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021, as applicable.
Upon the completion of the course, participants will be able to: • Identify the aims and benefits of an ISO45001 audit • Interpret ISO45001 requirements for the audit • Plan, conduct and follow-up auditing activities that add real Value • Grasp the application of risk-based thinking, process management & leadership • Access the latest auditor techniques and identify appropriate use • Build stakeholder confidence by leading audit activities in line with the latest requirements • Understand the roles & responsibilities of the auditor. • Apply ISO 19011 definitions, Concepts & Guidelines. • Recognize the principles practices and types of audits. • Conduct all phases of Internal Audit. • Prepare and presents effective reports. • How to plan audits • Conduct audit team selection • Initiate the audit and conducting open meetings • Understand audit team responsibilities • Communicate effectively during the team. • Conduct onsite activities • Prepare audit conclusions • Conduct closing meeting • Report audit result • Exam
• General introduction
• OHS management principles, vocabulary and ISO 45001 requirements
• Stage 1 audit (including document review)
• Audit planning
• Process auditing and audit skills
• Writing NC reports and audit reporting
• UnderstandingISO45001:2018Requirementsfor assessments/Audit process
• Audit Planning/Techniques
• Practical Auditing
• Audit Reporting/Corrective Actions
• Audit Follow Up
• Lectures and Power Point Presentation • Case Studies, Self-Questioner and Real-World Scenarios • Concepts, Techniques and Sharing Practical Experience • Exercises & Case Studies
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Participants who score 70% and above in both the continuous assessment and written examination will be issued a certificate, while the others will be issued a certificate of attendance.
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Who Should Attend

  • • Individuals interested in conducting first, second- & third-party audit
  • • Management Representatives
  • • Quality Directors, Managers, Consultants
  • • Members/supporting personnel of the OHS Management Team who have responsibility to audit/implement/improve an OHSMS
  • • Personnel who are involved in operation/engineering/site activities who wish to gain maximum benefit from the OHSMS implementation

Provider :

NES in cooperation with TUVSUD Middle East

Lead Tutor :


Location :

NES Premises

Duration :

5 Days

Schedule :

26-30 May 2024

Language :


Prerequisites :

• The OHS management principles and concepts: the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle; the purpose and benefits of an OHSMS; a basic knowledge of managing OHS through hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control, and compliance with legal and other requirements; relevant national and local OHS legislation and requirements; and terms and definitions in ISO 45001,
• Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 45001 and the commonly used occupational health and safety management terms and definitions, as given in ISO 45001, which may be gained by completing our ISO 45001 Requirements training course, or the equivalent