QMS 9001:2015 Foundation & Internal Auditor Course

Course Description :

The ISO 9001:2015 Foundation course gives a thorough introduction to Quality Management systems (QMS), together with the requirements for implementation in different types of organizations.
Upon the completion of the course, participants will be able to: • Provide an understanding of what a quality management system is about and how it can help the business. • Understand the purpose of 9000 Series. • Understand the requirements of 9001:2015 standard. • Apply ISO 19011 definitions, Concepts & Guidelines. • Recognize the principles practices and types of audits. • Understand the difference between old and new version of ISO 9001 standard • Give an overview of the basic registration process
• Understand of quality systems
• UnderstandingISO9001:2015Requirementsfor assessments/Audit process
• The effect of an organization and How a QMS can enhance an organization
• Control of processes and The PDCA Cycle
• The process models
• Benefits to a QMS
• Certification of ISO9001:2015
• Initiating an audit
• Document Review
• Audit Plan
• Audit Work Documents
• Opening Meeting
• Execute Meeting
• Documenting Non-Conformities
• Closing meeting
• Audit Report
• Audit Follow-up
• Lectures and Power Point Presentation • Case Studies, Self-Questioner and Real World Scenarios • Concepts, Techniques and Sharing Practical Experience • Exercises
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Who Should Attend

  • • Designed to support those implementing a Quality Management System (QMS), such as top and medium management, quality managers, supervisors and consultants. It is also highly beneficial for those needing to fully understand or implement quality management systems within their organizations

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Near East Services

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Duration :

3 Days

Schedule :

12-13-14 Feb.
1-2-3 Oct.

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Prerequisites :

No Required Prerequisites