Pre audit is an optional audit carried out if request by the client in order to check readiness to the initial audit for the purpose of management system certification.

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Purpose of the pre audit
To review client management system documentation
To evaluate the client location and site specific conditions and to undertake discussions with the client personnel to determine the preparedness for the initial audit
To review the client status and understanding regarding requirement of the standard, in particular with respect to the identification of key performance or significant aspects, processes, objectives and operations of the management system
To collect necessary information regarding the scope of the management system, processes and locations of the client, and related statutory and regulatory aspects and compliance (e.g. quality, environmental, legal aspects of the client operation, associated risks, etc,)
To review the allocation of resources for initial audit and agree with the client on details of the initial audit
To evaluate if the internal audits and management review are being planned and performed , and that the level of implementation of the management system substantiates that the client is ready for initial audit

It includes the following:

Information and evidence about conformity to all requirements of the applicable management system standard or other normative document
Performance monitoring, measuring, reporting and reviewing against key performance objectives and targets (consistent with the expectations in the applicable management system standard or other normative document)
Internal auditing and management review
Management responsibility for the client policies
The client management system and performance as regards legal compliance
Operational control of the client process .

Documented conclusions are produced at the end of pre audit and is communicated to the client, including the identification of any areas of concern that could be classified as non-conformities during the initial audit either in stage 1 or stage 2 .