A Chairman of Board of Directors Message


As we count down to the end of year 2020 and start of a new one, I’m sending to all NES employees my thanks and appreciation for their sincere and creative efforts during the year 2020 which witnessed many achievements of our company despite the negative effects of the Corona pandemic. It is mentioned here, for example:


  • In order to provide a better and faster level of service to our valued customers, NES has contracted the European Certification Authority (EUROCERT) in the field of management systems certification. Meantime, NES team was successful to complete the transfer and issuance of about 500 EUROCERT certificates in the last three months retaining all major clients and large corporate groups in Egypt, and even adding new clients with a total of 50 certificates to continue the list of success partners for NES in retaining the names of the top institutions, bodies and corporate groups in Egypt such as the factories of the ARAB ORGANIZATION FOR INDUSTRALIZATION and the groups of EL ARABY, EL SEWEEDY, BAHGAT, PEPSICO Egypt, SAMSUNG As well as major car manufacturers such as MERCIDES, BMW, GHABOUR and others.


  • In order to extend NES scope of capabilities, ALGI North Africa was established in Cooperation with ALGI International (USA) to provide auditing and certification services in the field of Social Compliance and Environmental Audits such as AMFORI –BSCI, SA 8000, SEMETA-SEDEX, HIGG Index.


  • In order to maintain the recognition by controlling authorities, NES was able to continue its registration with EOS and maintain its accreditation by the National Accreditation Body (EGAC) to the standards ISO 17020, ISO 17021 and ISO 17025 with adding several sectors of industry to its scope of accreditation.


  • In order to provide the most comfortable and productive work environment to NES employees, NES has moved to a new Head Office facility in 6th October City and upgraded its Operational Office in Alexandria which are equipped now with all the needed infrastructure to enable NES people offering the best in class services to our clients.

NES, which is so proud of what has been achieved during 2020 and so proud of still having and retaining the most experienced senior auditing, management and back office staff in the certification business society is looking forward to pursue its success journey with more and more achievements in the future.

A big thank you to NES great faithful team, to NES Strategic Partners EUROCERT, ALGI and AIBI and to NES loyal valuable Clients wishing all a very prosperous and a happy new year 2021. With my all  respect and best regards.

Eng. Osman M. Osman, Chairman of Board of Directors of the Near East Services Company (NES)

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