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TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, with strong technical knowledge and background in the field of Industrial Inspections and over 20 certified, highly trained and qualified inspectors, holds a leading position in the following areas:

  • Third Party Services (shop & field inspections for steel structures, natural gas piping e.t.c.)
  • Technical inspections and total quality assurance services for demanding technical projects
  • Welding and welding technology (qualification of welding procedures and welders in accordance to European and American standards, as well as welds non destructive tests).
  • Pressure equipment (initial and periodical inspections based on Greek and European legislation and standards), as well as to CE marking of pressure equipment (i.e. boilers, gas-chambers, above ground and underground gas tanks, piping networks).
  • Inspections of Tanks and Networks (initial and periodical inspections based on international standards).
  • Renewable Energy Sources (Photovoltaic installations and Wind parks – initial and periodical inspections based on international standards).
  • ATEX – devices and protective systems that are designed for operation in explosive environments and the minimum requirements for health and safety protection measures of personnel due to hazardous exposure to explosive environments.
  • Hazard assessment and operational difficulties study in process installations (HAZOP- Hazard & Operability Study)
  • Public and private children playgrounds (initial and periodical inspections)
  • Water parks and Amusement parks (initial and periodical inspections)
  • Inspections of civil structures with the implementation of non destructive tests
  • Vehicles type approvals (isolated approvals, small series approvals).

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The headquarters of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS are located in Athens and also has branch offices in Northern Greece (Thessaloniki) and Southern Greece (Heraklion, Crete).
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS has affiliated offices in other countries besides Greece, with operations in Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Albania, Israel and Yemen so as to respond immediately to all customers’ requests.
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS provides certified training through open or in-house seminars.
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is an accredited and notified Body in the European Union, (number 0906) regarding to the European Directives for Pressure Equipment and Simple Pressure Vessels.

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